A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

this game was made for the spring 2021 lisp game jam. shoot and dodge cellular automata as they grow behind a wall of procedurally generated music!

musi ni li ken toki pona!

soko uses fennel, love2d version 11.3, the lume library by rxi (licensed under the MIT license), and the montserrat font set (licensed under the OFL).


soko-1.0-win.zip 3 MB
soko-1.0.love 348 kB
soko-1.0-src.zip 350 kB

Install instructions

for windows, just unzip the file and run soko.exe. for other operating systems, install LÖVE 11.3 and open soko.love.


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very neat game

This looks super fun, idk how to open it tho, it gives the isue launching pop up